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The Universe
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Sex & Love

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Your story,

so embedded in your own experience…

…emerges onto the page with magic and then becomes becomes part of the whole planet – the organism of earth. In this way, your stories begin to find expression in symbolism, from the richness of letting go. The same way we surrender to sleep each night and to our dream world, we must surrender to our writing.

You can’t predict what you’re going to write about in my writing groups any more than you can predict what you’re going to dream about tonight. Writing as if you have thirteen minutes to tell us your story, as if your whole life depends on getting your story out – without stopping, without a critic, without overthinking, means your writing will come from the same place as myths and dreams.

I invite you to join us in creative surrender.


—Laura Lentz

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syn•cre•ate /siNG/kre’at/

syncreate (verb)

The process of creating through synchronicity with more than one person. When you create, you are deeply influenced by other writers and artists. This is essential to your growth.