I Watched A Lion Couple

I watched a lion couple make love
for that was what they did.
She rubbed around him in that way
that big cats do. Then flopped on her back
her legs spread wide. And he, the king
licked her patiently, thoroughly
with regal dignity and patience.
There was no doubt she wanted this
and there was no doubt he wanted this.
And I can almost remember my lion body.
I know you can.

For surely, once we were lions
muscles twitching, bunching
as soft padded feet close the distance
as we close the distance.
And I was jealous of the king
because I had no lioness to flop herself
and spread herself and know that
I would want to.

And now I do have a lioness
and I think of her human body
and I think of how lucky we human kings are.
How much more there is of the naked female for
the tongue to explore.

I don’t want to wait much longer.
I want your shamelessness, I want your greed for me.
And I do hear your voice and I do hear your desire.
And I want you to flop in front of me with the
perfect confidence of lions.

Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash

by Ted Box — I’ve practiced holding ...

Ted Box is an alchemist storyteller – ...

Philip Brautigam
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