In Space

by Andrew Chapin

Do you like to space out?
Well I dig it too.
Let’s talk about how we can get to the moon.
First of all, you gotta cut the gravity,
then relish in the levity,
open up the cockpit hatch
and climb inside with me.

Navigating Space…
where do we start?
The journey is a work of heart.
I say we shoot above the moon,
and give the spaceship time.
We’ll get there someday,
hopefully soon.

Are you still with me?
Now we are angelic,
can you see?
There is no interference,
only light in the distance.
It is a nebula of dreams,
and it is whispering…
I have never heard these words before,
but I can guess what it all means.

A little further, let’s go
to where imagination flows,
and we resemble one another.
I could be your brother,
or I could be your lover.
In Space it doesn’t matter.
We are more than just crude matter.

I see you’re luminous inside,
radiant behind dark eyes.
I’m a sucker for that look you get
when you stare into the skies
with a question on your mind, like…

What happens when shooting stars collide,
or when wormholes intertwine?
What happens when black holes eat each other,
when two galaxies wine and dine,
smoke nebulas together and crank up the light?
The truth is out in Space tonight.

Philip Brautigam
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