Judy Safford

Writer • Massage Therapist

In 2006, Judith Michaels Safford discovered a radio program on writing poetry. She followed the prompts and mustered up the courage to press the send button. She was invited to read and a door was opened that had not previously existed. She finds that her emotions express more easily through poetry. Judith self-published her memoir in 2009. Don’t Sell Your Soul, Memoir of a Guru Junkie. Encouraged by a published poet-friend, she embarked on self-publishing a book of prayer poems. Joyful Surrender, A pilgrimage. Today, she studies with a coached writing group and reads her work at local open mic events.

Judith continues to practice a 23-year career as a licensed massage therapist. Her home is Glenwood, New Mexico, where artists of many kind reside. Touching others with hands and poems brings a tremendous satisfaction of purpose to her life.


by Judy Safford...

In 2006, Judith Michaels Safford discovered a radi...

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