Slip Firm Sculpt Bread

Naked under thin gauze on a hot night
I am green and brown the way
the valley looks from the mountain.
Green and blue, a breathing
planet suckling on the universe

I am mother and I am child
a thousand rocks in my pores
my hair a brown plaster
slip firm and sculpt

I roll,
tossed in the comets eroding
tangled in bedsheets
dreams kicked and tossed
placing me to sleep on a string
a marionette hanging from the
stars that wake through my window
calling, calling –
watch me, watch me
cross the sky and chase.

I am the moon in the sunlight
diding around the curve of my planet
birthing my breakfast egg
and cracking cracking
born in a high nest.

I lay in sticks and mud the way
my bones lay in my flesh
pecking for insects, scrubbing
my intestines with the grit of sand

I drop crumbs in the sheets
bits of sun-cracked bread crusts
I am a baker, a maker.
I rise with my dough and I am buttered
before the tasting

I cry for sweets,
for blackberry jam and the sharpest
chocolate stuffed inside a French sourdough
crispy with a soft core, prefect bound in steam
a chemistry. Read me firm
on the teeth–sweet on the tongue
tender bitten wrapped lightly
in the heat.

Artwork by Limor Farber

by Limor Farber | This story was created...

by Limor Farber | This story was created...

Philip Brautigam
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