The Center of a Magnolia Seed & God

by Terri Ewton

Walking through Muir Woods. The amazing smell of the Redwood Forest & obvious fresh air, ionic with the ocean breezes & forest filled, oxygen rich, dappling sunlight through the tree’s swaying branches. How old are these trees that reach the sky? What stories can they tell?

Laying on an island in the darkest of night. No electricity. No moon. The Leo meteor shower overhead; falling stars streaking across the heavens. What star stuff secrets of the universe do they possess? Light years away, where are they going in such a hurry? Did they burn out? Does it happen that fast? Life…

“Like a blink of an eye”, she said.

Wave after wave, smashing the sea shore, bright sun, blue sky, scurrying crab on the sand, sands of time. What where they before? Mighty mountains reduced to crystalline specs. Time weathers on eroding, transforming, transcending.

Have you ever seen the center of a magnolia seed? Perfect symmetry. Or an unfurling fern? Fibonacci Spirals and Mandelbrot Sets. God created Everything. It is all with such intricate precision. Math, science, sacred geometry, everywhere molecular structures of atoms.

Some say it is nature that we witness and gives cause to our abilities, but science is showing that our imaginations give way to creations in nature. Ultimately, we are all connected. It’s divine, all part of God’s Plan.

Philip Brautigam
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