The Gardens

by Andrew Chapin

I am led on an invisible leash around my heart,
encouraging me forward through the gardens.
There must be treasures on the shoulders of the path
and secrets living in the bushes –
let’s stop to listen.

I always return to the path,
gently weaving past the roses,
there are buds within arm’s reach
and color on the petals,
I wonder how they smell.

I go off-trail straight into the bushes –
I found things littered there,
empty containers of energy
that need to be recycled.
I leave the bushes clean

I forgot where I was even going
As I meander through the gardens
I speak kindly to the plants
and I tell them that I love them.
They greet me then sway goodbye.

I feel a tug at the leash around my heart.
It’s time to keep moving down the path,
there are more gardens up ahead
with different plants to meet –
I pick up my step a little

I resist my leash sometimes
I need time to catch my breath
after all, the air is so sweet
why shouldn’t I enjoy it
I breathe in deep

I am led on an invisible leash around my heart
I walk forward through the gardens.

Photo by Fineas Anton on Unsplash

Philip Brautigam
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