The War of Man vs. Earth

by Limor Farber

From my breasts I am fierce. I am wild.

I walk the mountain trail topless just like the men sun tanning their bare chests. My bare feet step solid — pads on my paws built by clay earth baked into my soles.

I am tender and private — solitary in my personal landscape. Travelers pass on the trail. “Right on” the woman says as the man averts his eyes. I go home, nurse my child, and paint a woman whose breasts cry a milky river.

It was commissioned piece for a book yet to be written.

My breasts cried those milky tears. They cried a sour flood all over the bed sheets in pools that stained dozens of new futon mattresses.

I cried the war of man vs. nature. I cried the earth adjusting to the comfort under the human.

I held it crying uphill tears. I breathed it to calm so my baby wouldn’t drink it. My body and breath soft as the breast of earth while my mind battled in adjustment to My Mans world.

‘Heuristic biases”. The words stick out of something I read yesterday. It’s our human inability to shift out of our comfort to see what is truly a correct solution from a greater perspective.

My body, lying uncomfortably still, controlling my calm for 1 hour, 2 hours, so my baby would rest, wouldn’t stir, wouldn’t cry at my leaving her alone. I breathed and quieted and listened to the ancestors who saw more, sending wisdom.

From my breasts I am fierce, I am wild. I walk the landscape of my motherhood. I walk the ridge after dinner where the sun sets across the valley–Where giant oil machines crane their steel necks, pecking at the land like stinging mechanical mosquitoes.

I cry a river of milk. It becomes a stream where the white wolves drink. It flows like a waterfall over the ridge cliff.

I was commissioned to paint her. In a red sari dress her breasts spurting milk like wild faucets. Soaking the silk fabric like broken fire hydrants soak the street. Spouting more ferociously that any waterfall. Like geysers I cried for the war of man vs. Earth.

Artwork by Limor Farber

by Limor Farber | This story was created...

by Limor Farber | This story was created...

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